GPS Tracking

One of the major benefits of GPS tracking is that a business can view vehicle progress in real time. Such updates put a business in direct control of vehicles en route, allowing the company to make better decisions and improve customer service.
SpyFleet provides real-time GPS tracking to help you monitor your fleet in real time, know what your vehicles are doing 24/7, deliver more value to your customers, and manage your fleet efficiently

LIVE Tracking

  • Search for vehicles and groups
  • Add vehicles/groups of vehicles to your monitor list
  • Remove items from monitor list.
  • Track the vehicles in your list on the map, live realtime location.

Vehicle History

All of your vehicles’ trips are saved, for you to view them whenever you like!

Search using registration number and select the vehicle.

Select a date and time range

Get the history for the selected vehicle.

Select a trip and view it’s course on map!

How does real-time tracking work?

Real-time tracking is made possible by the reporting frequency of the real-time GPS tracking device. When updates are sent frequently, a dispatcher or fleet manager can get an accurate sense of where a vehicle is and when it’s expected to arrive at its destination. This feature is available on devices that utilize real-time tracking.