Fleet Analytics

Fleet analytics is the real-time analysis of driver and vehicle data collected by an onboard computer and fleet management software. Fleets have enormous amounts of trip data available from their trucking management and maintenance systems, plus information from any mobile communication systems they use, such as GPS, speed and engine data.

Add to that data from any on-board sensors such as cargo temperature monitors, tire pressure monitors, safety devices, etc., and there is plenty of data. Access to data has improved significantly in the past several years, from onboard vehicle telematics to fleet-cost data granularity. Integration of all data sources has led to a greater ability to manage fleet operations and costs. Fleet managers can learn new things about their operations by analyzing everything from accidents to wait times.

Vehicle Reports

  • Driving time
  • Idle time
  • Idle score
  • Total mileage
  • Average fuel consumption

Driver Reports

  • Idle time
  • Speed violations
  • Harsh brakes
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Safety score
  • Efficiency score

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